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I'm so glad you're here!  Thanks for stopping by.

I love to writeAnd I hope you're here because you've already read one of my storiesOr at least heard something that has made you curious about them.

I write stories about real women who are dealing with all manner of trials and hardships.  None of these women are perfect, but they are feisty, opinionated, and determined.  Each one hasn't given up ... yet.

My stories remind us that even in our darkest times, God has anticipated our needs and illustrate my personal belief that with God anything is possible.  And it's never too late for love, dreams, laughter, or happiness.

Spend some time checking out my website.  You'll find all kinds of things including background information about my stories, first chapters to read, and loads of free downloadable information from my extensive research. 

Drop me an email and tell me what you think! 
I love to hear from my readers. 
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Quality Fiction

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All first chapters of my books are available here to read!

Quality Nonfiction

Besides my numerous Bible study books,

you will find FREE, printable notes

are available for download

on numerous Bible topics. 

Want Sue to come to you?

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that Sue enjoys
doing women's


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Visit her God's Phoenix Woman website for more details.  

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